Board Report since October 2019

Handbook for the Christian University Student

From the new book Handbook of the Christian University Student, published in Portuguese by our Brazil team:

“When the university comes into play in your life as a young Christian and becomes a spiritual battlefield, how do you position yourself in this environment as a spokesman for God? How to influence lives politically, intellectually, and spiritually in the light of the Christian faith?
To take your convictions into the discourses and paradigms of your student institution is a voracious reality for the Christian student.

In view of this, taking into consideration the areas of theology, philosophy, and law, this handbook, the result of Gabriel Dayan’s experience within the university, aims to show the reader how to use his Christian life and values – be it in debates, internships, academic directories, sports associations, etc – to attract students and teachers to Jesus. Be an agent in the redemption that the university lacks, influencing lives, and transforming realities.”

We will be able to report on the reach and acceptance of the material on the next Board meeting.